Clean design


We saw a set of bookshelves while shopping for other furniture and thought they would go great in our family room on either side of the fireplace where there had previously been built-in bookshelves that were too big for the space. We thought that the way that the bookshelf becomes narrow at the top would help to make the space near our wall-mounted TV a bit more spacious and not so crowded. While we loved the design, we knew the ready-made version was too big to fit in our space, so we decided to make our own version of it, at a fraction of the price. 



YouTube video: How we built our own set of bookcases for our newly renovated living room. When you can't buy, build!

Perfect for beginners


Inspired by Pinterest and other DIY Youtubers, we made our first attempt at building furniture with these easy tables. Ours are on either side of the bed as nightstands, but they also make great side tables! 



Get the wooden beam look


We knew we wanted a fireplace mantel that looked like a wooden beam. But, beams are expensive. So here's our attempt at making one that almost looks like a beam.

Blog post with details coming soon

*Note: walnut is beautiful on its own and doesn't require any wood stain. All we did was three coats of polyeurethane and look how beautiful it turned out!

3 1x6 Walnut boards. Bottom, front, top. All edges that meet another board cut at 45 degree angles.

3 1x6 Walnut boards. Bottom, front, top. All edges that meet another board cut at 45 degree angles.

Wainscoting the entryway

We'll be transforming our dull entryway with wainscoting and adding hooks for coats and hats.

Coffee Table

We'll be making a coffee table, customized to the size needed for our living room. 

Hutch / Buffet

We have some dead space next to the dining area and also a need for more storage. Building a hutch is a no brainer.

Sofa Table

We're planning on making a sofa table to go behind the sectional, with hidden storage for extra throw pillows and blankets.